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Volleyball COVID-19 Protocol


All athletes, coaches, spectators and  employees from the home and visiting team will be expected to adhere to all policies set forth by MCISD.

Required Screening

Staff, Coaches, spectators, parents and players must self-screen for COVID-19 symptoms before participating in instructional activities.  These screening protocols are found in the UIL COVID-19 Mitigation Guidelines. 


Executive Order GA-29

  1. Face coverings include non-medical grade disposable face masks, cloth face coverings (over the nose and mouth), or full-face shields to protect eyes, nose, and mouth.  Face shields may be superior to cloth face coverings in many circumstances, given improved ability to see mouth movements and improved air circulation.

  2. All employees, parents, visitors and students must wear face coverings or face shields upon entry to an area where UIL activities are being conducted and when not actively practicing or playing in the contest.

Spectators, Audiences, Fans and Media

Schools may allow spectators to attend games, contests, or events within a maximum 50% capacity limitation, provided that appropriate spacing between spectators is maintained according to the protocol, and according to the following:

  1. Schools and/or host sites should post visible signs and/or messages stating any individuals who are confirmed to have, suspected of having, are experiencing symptoms of, or have been in close contact with an individual who has been confirmed to have COVID-19 should not enter the facility.

Close Contact Definition:

  • being directly exposed to infectious secretions (e.g., being coughed on); or

  • being within 6 feet for a cumulative duration of 15 minutes; however, additional factors like case/contact masking (i.e., both the infectious individual and the potential close contact have been consistently and properly masked), ventilation, presence of dividers, and case symptomology may affect this determination.

Number of Tickets for Fans: (These numbers are subject to change at any time)

  • 30 Tickets for Visitors

  • 75 Tickets for Home

**Fans are expected to follow social distancing/face covering guidelines at all times.  Refusal to follow these guidelines will result in removal from the facilities.**  

Visiting teams:

  1. McMullen County ISD will allow 30 total visiting spectators. (Visiting team spectators are only allowed to sit on the visitor side). 

  2. McMullen County ISD will email these 30 tickets to the school at least three to five days in advance.   It will be the responsibility of that school to hand out these tickets as they choose.  

  3. These 30 tickets will allow that person to enter the gym and then pay our gatekeeper the admission fee.   

  4. McMullen County ISD also allows three Administrators from that school to come in addition to the 30 tickets.

  5. Cheerleaders attending the game for performance purposes are required to have one of the 30 tickets allotted to the school. 

  6. Once you leave the gym, you forfeit your space in the gym and will not be allowed to re-enter.

  7. The players for the visiting teams when not participating will sit in a designated area behind the visiting bench. They should never be in the middle section of the visitor bleachers with their fans.

  8. No water will be provided for the visiting teams.  Visiting teams are responsible for bringing their own water for their teams.

  9. Visiting Teams should disinfect their benches between games.

Home Team:

  1. McMullen County ISD will allow 75 total home spectators.  (Home team spectators are only allowed to sit on the home side)  

  2. McMullen County ISD will hand out two tickets per player for that student-athlete to pass out as they choose.  These tickets will allow that person to enter the gym and then pay the gatekeeper the admission fee.   Buying tickets for spectators that will be arriving late will not be allowed. 

  3. The remaining at-large tickets for the home team will only be sold at the game.  Once the 75 tickets are sold out no more spectators will be allowed in the gym. 

  4. The remaining home team tickets will only be sold to individuals at the gate. 

  5. Once you leave the gym, you forfeit your space in the gym and will not be allowed to re-enter.

  6. The players for the home teams when not participating will sit in a designated area behind the home bench. Players should never be in the main bleachers or go to the home side.

Person’s Not Included in the 75 Home Tickets:

  • Gatekeeper(s)

  • Table Workers (s)

  • Concession Stand Workers

  • Administration, Coaches

**Parents and fans will not be allowed on the court before, during, or after the game.**

Teams Entering Gym:

  • Home Team:  Enters gym through Main Entrance.

  • Visiting Team:  Enters gym through back hallway by weight room.  

Exiting the Gym:

  • Home Team (Including Fans):  Will exit gym through the main entrance by the concession stand.

  • Visiting Team (Including Fans):  If not using the locker room, will exit the gym through the south exit by the visitors bleachers.  If the team is using the designated visitors locker room they will exit through the back hallway north exit.  Visiting Fans will still exit through the south exit.  

Fans should allow players, coaches and officials to clear the floor before attempting to exit at the end of a half and at the end of the game.



Special Rule Changes for Volleyball:


  • Limit the attendees to the head coach and one captain from each team and the R1 and R2.

  • Hold the conference at center court with one coach, one captain and a referee on each side of the net.

  • No coin toss.  The home team selects the side and the visiting team will serve for the first set.  

  • The roster will be placed on the score table with no delay penalty until after 10 minutes are left on the clock.

  • The scorer, libero tracker and the timer will be the only people at the score table to maintain social distancing.

  • Teams will limit the number of bench personnel to maintain social distancing.

At the start of the Match:

  • Both teams (starting players or entire team) will line up on their respective end lines.

  • The R1 will whistle and motion for teams to advance to the attack line where the players will wave to their opponents.

  • The R1 will whistle to release the players to line up in their starting positions.

During the Match:

  • The teams will remain on the same benches throughout the match.

  • There is no circumstance where the teams will change sides

  • The deciding set coin toss will take place in the center of the court with team captains and the R2.

  • The home team captain will call the coin toss and choose to serve or receive.  

  • Both teams will continue to remain on the side, where they have been from the beginning of the match.  

  • During a substitution, the R2 should oversee the procedure while maintaining social distancing from the players as well as the score table personnel.

At the End of the Match:

  • The R1 will display the end of set signal (signal 21)

  • Using both open hands with arms extended, the R2 will point toward the attack lines.

  • The teams will line up on their respective attack lines facing their opponents and wave to thank them for the match, then go to their bench area

  • The R1 will get down and exit the gym with the R2