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McMullen County wins district meet

Posted Date: 04/23/2019

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McMullen County’s boys and girls track teams won their district meet. The Cowgirls earned 253 points, 190 more than second-place Nordheim. They won 10 events.

The Cowboys earned 239 points, 118 more than second-place Bruni. They won three events.

Below are top four finishers, which qualify for the area meet, which will be April 17 in Tilden.


3200 meter run: Caeli Taylor, 1st, 12:44.57; Julie Ramon, second, 18:10.55

100 meter hurdles: Chloe Taylor, first, 19.37 seconds; Kaylie Measels, second, 25.72 seconds.

300 meter hurdles: Chloe Taylor, first, 55.99 seconds; Kaylie Measels, second, 1:10. 32.

400 meter dash: Brenda Beyer, first, 1:03.74; Makenzie Sherrer, fourth, 1:21.62.

High jump: Chloe Taylor, first, four feet, two inches; Caeli Taylor, second, four feet.

Long jump: Brenda Beyer, first, 14 feet, 10 3/4 inches; Caina Sneed, second, 14 feet, 9 1/2 inches; Charity Harris, fourth, 14 feet, 5 1/2 inches.

Triple jump: Brenda Beyer, first, 33 feet, four inches; Charity Harris: 29 feet, second, nine inches.

800 meter run: Brenda Beyer, first, 2:28.85.

1600 meter run: Caeli Taylor, first, 5:56.12.

4×400 meter relay: McMullen County (Beyer, Harris, Chloe Taylor, Caeli Taylor) first, 4:39.44.

4×200 meter relay: McMullen County (Harris, Alexis Ortiz, Makenzie Sherrer, Julie Ramon, Alexis Ortiz) first, 2:10.26.

200 meter dash: Charity Harris, second, 30.31 seconds; Jaycee Wheat, third, 34.88; Shon Edwards, fourth, 38 seconds.

Discus: Reagan Moon, fourth, 84 feet, two inches.


110 meter hurdles: Logan Ridgeway, first, 16.87 seconds; Dustin Goodrum, second, 17.47 seconds; Cayden Turner, third, 18.55 seconds.

300 meter hurdles: Ridgeway, first, 44.91 seconds, Goodrum, 50.73 seconds, Sam Giovengo, third, 52.72 seconds.

High jump: Ridgeway, first, five feet, 8 1/4 inches; Dustin Allen, second, five feet, eight inches; Giovengo, fourth, five feet, two inches.

Discus: Garrett Blaha, second, 102 feet, eight inches; Aaron Lewis, third, 90 feet, two inches; Tristian Voldan, fourth, 78 feet, four inches.

Shot put: Blaha, third, 33 feet, nine inches.

Triple jump: Goodrum, third, 39 feet, 11 inches; Troy Allen, fourth, 39 feet, eight inches.

Long jump: Goodrum, second, 19 feet, 5 1/2 inches.

4×400 meter relay: Dustin Allen, Troy Allen, Goodrum, Ridgeway, second, 3:54.14.

4×200 meter relay: Barrett Swaim, Jaden Saenz, Evan Tipton, Colton Mc- Cartney, second, 1:49.49.

3200 meter run: Rudy Mesa, second, 12:37.82; Pablo Esteban, third, 13:04.09.

4×100 meter relay: Swaim, Tipton, Giovengo, Ethan Napier, third, 49.86.

1600 meter run: Mesa, third, 5:34.34.

400 meter dash: Dustin Allen, second, 57.29.

200 meter dash: Dustin Allen, third, 25.07 seconds.